Types of Plants

 Types of Plants

A. Creepers - 

B. Climbers -

C. Herbs - 

D. Shrubs - 

E. Trees - 

A. Creepers -The creepers plants are creep on the ground. They are very fragile, long, thin and weak stem .Plants with weak stems that cannot stand upright and spread readily on the ground are called creepers. Example - Bottle guard, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Strawberry, Bougainvillaea, Cucumber, Begonia, Cucumber.

B. Climbers - Climbers are the group of plants which have weak stems and ability to climb up the supports with the help of modified organs for light and air.

The climbers for different situations are as follows-

I) For Sunny situation

II) - For Partial shade

III) - Heavy climbers

IV) - Light climbers

C. Herbs - Herbs plants are refers for herbaceous plant. Defined as a small seed bearing plant without woody stem in which aerial plant. Ex - Mint, Tulsi plant, Parsley.

D. Shrubs - Shrubs are very important in the garden as flowering shrubs pruduce beautiful flowers at eye level and fragrant shrubs emit fragrance at nose level.

The shrubs can be classified on beauty of plants

I) - Flowering shrubs - Hibiscus rosa sinensis , Thumbrgia errecta, Ixora vParviflora

II) For Foliage - Acalypha tricolor, Codium variegata, Nandina domestica

III)  - For flower and foliage -  Bougainvellia (Thimma and Dr. Rao), Hamelia Patens

IV) - For fragrance flower - Jasminum  sambac, Murrya panniculata

E. Trees - These are perennial , tall with marked trunk and grow for several years, bear flower and fruit. on this planet, trees are growing for last 50 million years. Trees provide us fruits, shelter , shade, fuel wood, and timber wood for furniture, ships, paper etc.

Purpose of growing trees-

I)- Specimen trees

II) - Shady trees

III) Flowering trees

IV) Trees for avenue or road side 

V) Screening purpose

VI)  For fragrant flower

VII) For checking air pollution

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