Types of Leaves

Types of Leaves

There are two broad categories of leaves.

A. Simple Leaf

B. Compound Leaf

A. simple leaf - When the leaf blade is not intact or cut but is completely spread the cut does not reach the mid rib. that is called Simple leaf. Ex -  Pipal, Mango, Guava, etc

B. Compound Leaf - When the cut in the leaf blade reach the midrib as a result of which many leaflets are formed that is called compound leaf .

There are mainly two types of compound leaf

i - Cuspate/Pinnately compound leaf - In this type of leaf many leaflets are located on a mid rib.

Cuspate compound leaf divided on based

I - Pairing of leaf lets  - a) Paripinnate 

                                       b) Imparipinnate 

II - Number of Pinnation - a) Unipennate

                                           b) Bipinnate 

                                           c) - Tripinnate 

ii - Hand shaped/Palmately compound leaf - In this type of leaf many leaflets are attached to a single point. as type of the petioles 

Palmately compound leaf type 

a) - Unifoliate - one leaflet

b) - Bifoliate - Two leaflets

c) - Trifoliate - Three leaflets

d) - Quadrifoliate - four leaflets

e) - Multifoliate - More than four leaflets

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